Pomorski i povijesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja Rijeka

Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral

Pomorski i povijesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja Rijeka

The Prehistoric Collection

Head: Ranko Starac, curator

The Prehistoric Collection, the origins of which date back to the second half of the 19th century, consists of 1,775 inventoried items (2005 revision) and preserves material from the Mesolithic period to the end of the Iron Age discovered over the area of Rijeka and its surroundings. The finds from the Mesolithic period originate from the area of Kastav. A smaller number of items are represented by the earlier Neolithic and Eneolithic, and the most numerous of the Bronze Age items of the collection are made up of finds from forts and cave localities in the area of the museum’s operations and individual hoards of the Late Bronze Age (the collection of Prof. Belario Lengyel). The holding of the Iron Age inventory is represented mostly by archaeological material from the town of Kastav (Mišinac) and Grobnik (Grobišće), the town of Krk and sporadic finds from Rijeka itself. The development of this collection bases itself, primarily, on the outlined project: the systematic archaeological research of selected fortified localities in the area of the Croatian Littoral. Preventive protection and the selection of items for conversation-restoration procedures are regularly conducted on the material with the aim of preservation. The properties of the cultural assets of the Prehistoric Collection are in the character of the materials through which the continuous process of the interweaving of cultural and anthropological influences on the communication routes between the Mediterranean world and Alpine continental hinterland is vividly present.

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