Pomorski i povijesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja Rijeka

Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral

Pomorski i povijesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja Rijeka

Ethnological workshops



Age: 1 – 4 grade
Duration: 2 school hours
Contact: Andrea 051/213 578 or cudotvornica[at]ppmhp.hr
An educational themed workshop where the children through play and practical work become familiar with the method of decorating a living space with the aim of preserving family memories. The basic practical work is the making of a frame for pictures.

  1. Part: the viewing of various picture frames in the permanent exhibition
  2. Part: making cardboard picture frames with decorative motifs based on museum samples
  3. Part: during the workshop the students will take photographs amongst themselves, and the pictures will be placed in the made frames as a memory of the workshop.



Age: 1 – 4 grade
Duration: 2 school hours
Contact: Andrea 051/213 578 or cudotvornica[at]ppmhp.hr
The thematic workshop is of an educational character and through playing and practical work it brings children closer to the method of storing things and valuables in the past and introduces them to the process of the development of furniture. Children will be introduced to the chest as a basic kind of furniture and the way in which other types of furniture which we use today developed from the chest. The basic activity is the making of cardboard chests.

  1. Part: specific guidance through the exhibition
  2. Part: studying chests from the museum’s holdings in photographs
  3. Part: making cardboard chests based on samples from the museum which participants will take away with them and store their valuables in.



Age: 3 – 4 grade
Duration: 2 school hours
Contact: Andrea 051/213 578 or cudotvornica[at]ppmhp.hr
An educational workshop which through play and practical work brings to light the toys which children in the past grew up with, and the way in which they most often came into being. It consists of two parts.

  1. Part: a viewing of the toys in the museum’s permanent exhibition
  2. Part: the making of rag dolls and balls filled with some natural material



Age: 1 – 4 grade
Duration: 2 school hours
Contact: Andrea 051/213 578 or cudotvornica[at]ppmhp.hr
Through play and practical work the workshop explains the profession of the curator: the process of forming collections, making an inventory, storage and protection plus presentation. In this way the students also gain new knowledge about heritage (local names, the purpose of objects, do we still use these objects today and in the same or similar form…)

  1. Part: the collection of material – the students are divided into groups, and each group receives a certain amount of photographs of museum objects which need to be arranged into collections.
  2. Part: the storage of material in museums – the students will demonstrate and explain the thermo-hygrograph and its purpose and they will measure the current values themselves.
  3. Part: subject cards – the students will be given the roles of curators: an object will be shown to them which they will measure and describe…



Leader: Mirna Marić Ph.D, musicologist
Duration: 90 minutes
Place: Miracle Room
Description: Musical heritage is an important part of our culture. Folklore music occupies a special place that is directly connected with the way and rhythm of life and work. Over many generations people have preserved and modified folk music spreading the music and spirit of past times. In the music workshops, with the aid of Orff-ian instruments which have been fully adapted for children, the participants learn through music about the everyday ordinary life of the local people, whilst at the same time developing musically and a love for music. The children’s activity in the workshops is focused on the singing and playing of children’s and folk songs, and the basic instruments are percussive, the most appropriate for the needs of children’s music.

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