Dobrinj (EN)

Dear visitors,
The Ethnographic Collection of the Island of Krk in Dobrinj has been closed until further notice due to preparatory work on the new permanent exhibition and the necessary conservation and restoration work.
Thank you for understanding.

The Ethnographic Collection of the Island of Krk is located in Dobrinj on the island of Krk. It is situated in the house of Professor Ivo Sučić (house no. 106), which his wife Jelka donated to the museum in 1970. The display was opened to the public in 1974. It is comprised of household items (such as furniture, hearth equipment and dishes) and tools used in the wine cellar and the stable, as well as tools relating to all the activities practiced on the island. Of particular interest are items which are less frequent in the parent museum, such as a brick oven for baking bread, scarecrows, mousetraps, hunting traps, toys and several chairs with wicker seats which are characteristic of island of Krk.

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