Pomorski i povijesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja Rijeka

Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral

Pomorski i povijesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja Rijeka

Birthdays in Rijeka

Miracle Room birthdays – celebrate birthdays in Rijeka, new at the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka. pozivnica-rodjendan Unique, fun and educational parties for children’s birthdays with themes from local cultural-historical heritage!

  • Two hour’s of fun for children aged 4 to 12 years
  • From Tuesday to Saturday from 4pm to 8pm
  • For booking and information call 051 213 578 or mail cudotvornica[at]ppmhp.hr

The price for a birthday party workshop is 600 kuna for 10 guests, and 40 kuna for each additional child (to a maximum of 15). Included in the price is the organisation of a themed workshop, invitations, drinks and snacks, a CD of photographs and a gift for the birthday child from the museum. Parents supply the cake. Entertainers: Nina Licul, art teacher Loredana Kružić, educator and historian  Leader of the activity: Tamara Mataija, senior curator BIRTHDAY THEMES RIJEKA STORIES MASQUERADE BALLS THE TRSAT DRAGON ALARM ON BOARD UNUSUAL SHAPE TRAIL OF CHALLENGES rijecke-priceRIJEKA STORIES Age: 10-12 years The theme of this celebration are the stories of Karolina of Rijeka and the Adamić family. The main game is a searching game, in which parts of the story have been placed within the area of Miracle Room. The aim is to gather all parts of the story, as in parts of a puzzle which create a portrait of Karolina of Rijeka and Andrija Ljudevit Adamić. On the back of each piece of the puzzle is part of the story and instructions for finding the next piece of the puzzle, in other words the continuation of the story. The team which finishes the puzzle first is the winning team. The teams read the stories and remember the details, in order that later during the quiz their representative will answer as many questions as possible correctly. balMASQUERADE BALL Age: 4-12 years The theme of this celebration is the tradition of masquerade. After entertaining games the children learn how to make themselves a face mask, and turn themselves into the persons or characters that they would like to be. In such a happy mood they join in with a dance. zmaTHE TRSAT DRAGON Age: 4-6 years The theme of this party is a legend about the dragon which lived on Trsat and that fought against an octopus. At first the children learn about the legend in order to play the game Path to the Princess and the Dragon’s Tail. uzbunaALARM ON BOARD Age: 6-12 years First of all the children view part of the Sails of Kvarner display where they pay particular attention to the images of ships with signal flags, and then according to a prepared template make some of them, e.g. with the initial letter of their name, then attach a meaning to this flag in maritime signalling. The children play as if they were the crew of a ship in danger and they need to raise an appropriate flag depending on the situation in which the boat is in. neobicna-formaUNUSUAL SHAPE Age: 4-12 years The theme of this party is modern sculpture, and refers to an installation in the Miracle Room. The children view the photography of the exhibition of Mirko Zrinšćak, or the reproductions of other modern sculptors who have a tendency of making vertical sculptures. The sculpture could be made of ordinary material – packaging, newspaper, cardboard boxes, card and so on. The children are divided into two teams, and the aim of the game is the composition of an unusual stable shape, a sculpture that stretches into the air from the discarded materials. stazaTRAIL OF CHALLENGES Age: The theme of this party is a chest that reveals secrets or in which treasure is hidden. After a opening game of introduction the children view the chests from the museum. One by one each child completes tasks from the instructions that are asked of him/her (e.g. “three steps forward, sing song XXX, two steps left …”), and which lead them to the site of the key that will open the treasure chest. In the chest is the “treasure” and a series of riddles and questions to which they answer in the second part of the party.

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