Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral

Trg Riccarda Zanelle 1
51000 Rijeka
+385 51 213 578

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Museum’s premises be used for?

The Museum’s premises can be used commercially or non-commercially to hold cultural, scholarly, educational and humanitarian events, as well as sporting and hobbyist events and other programmes or activities such as exhibitions, seminars, protocol ceremonies, assemblies, meetings, conferences, weddings (organized by the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Registar’s Office), promotions, etc.

Where can information on the availability of facilities and equipment, rates and booking options be found?

The manner of and conditions for use of the Museum’s premises are regulated by its Rules and Rate Schedule, which can be found at the link.
To book facilities and equipment, you have to complete the request at this link: – so that we can notify you whether we have everything you need at our disposal.

The request for temporary or occasional use of the Museum’s premises (hereinafter: Request) is submitted by the user to the Museum in writing not less than 15 (fifteen) days prior to the planned use of the Museum’s premises. The Request is an integral component of the aforementioned Rules.

The Request may be submitted by e-mail, regular mail or personally.

How can a group visit to the Museum be organized?

The possibilities for organizing group visits can be found at the link

How can you get an insight into the museum material?

Insight into the museum material and the documentation is explained at the link.

How can specific items be donated to the Museum?

If you need information on the donation or purchase of items, please contact The Museum acquires materials in compliance with its Rules governing the methods for the acquisition of museum materials, which regulate acquisition procedures.

The curator will contact you to make arrangements for a potential inspection of the materials and the subsequent procedures. A more detailed description of the methods for acquisition of museum materials can be found at the following link:

Can motor vehicles be parked in the Museum’s garden?

Parking of vehicles in the garden is permitted exclusively for deliveries required by the Museum and users of its premises, and during protocol events, at which time entry is allowed to a maximum of four vehicles.

How are educational workshops in the Museum organized?

Educational workshops are organized for individual categories of visitors. You can find all information about workshops and their organization at the following link:

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