Cickini (EN)

Collection of archaelogical findings Cickini is located in Sv. Vid Miholjice near Malinska on the island of Krk.

The collection is named after archaeological location which is situated in the woods to the north of the village. Early Christian church from the 6th century was found in that location. Mobile archaeological findings (a great amount of stone sculpture) are presented in the old building peknjica (bakery).

Toponym of archaeological site indicates that the church was probably dedicated to St. Cyprian. A research of architectural remains of aisleless church shows the layout in the shape of Latin cross with protruding heptagonal apse.
There are liturgical spaces in the transept of the church, whereas aside walls there are several extra rooms and reservoirs. A space for Christianisation – baptistery – was built in the axis of the main façade. Situated in the baptistery is a piscine – a brick fountain where adults were baptized partially immersing in the holy water.

A residential complex, which is partially researched, is located next to the church and spreads at about 4000 m2. Local population left this area in the beginning of the 9th century when Croats gradually started to settle on the island of Krk, but they did not re-establish life in Cickini.

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